This page has a table of almost every course I have followed so far by myself. During my bachelor, I hated the way these materials represented in my university (SUT). They didn’t encourage learning and understanding the subject, but only memorizing it. This was my attempt to keep my passion to learn, and I’m really happy that I did this.

SUT Course Name Matching Course Notes
General Math 1 MIT Single Variable Calculus (link) Perfect match.
General Math 2 MIT Multi-variable Calculus (link) Perfect match.
General Physics 1 MIT Classical Mechanics (link) Perfect match.
General Physics 2 MIT Electricity and Magnetism (link) Perfect match.
Probability and Statistics MIT Introduction to Probability (link) Linear models and random processes are not covered in SUT.
Harvard Statistics 110 (link) More theoretical. Much better in details.
Fundamentals of Electric and Electronic Circuits MIT Circuits and Electronics (link) Perfect match, but different order.
Computer Structure and Language MIT Computation Structures (link) Not a match at all.
This class is all about reading documention for certain (old) machines. I enjoyed reading them.
Differential Equations MIT Differential Equations (link) Perfect match. This course builds your intuition on the subject.
Linear Algebra MIT Linear Algebra (link) Perfect match. Second half misses theoretical proofs and it's more about intuition.
Theory of Formal Languages and Automata MIT Theory of Computation (link) Covers more than SUT. Best course if you are interested in the details of the subject.
Compiler Design Standford Compilers (link) SUT's course is inspired by this. It misses most of the proofs. Not ideal if you want to learn the subject.
I learned mostly from the book "Compilers: Principles, Techniques, and Tools". If you are interested in the theory of LR parsers, I recommend "Introduction to the Theory of Computation" by Michael Sipser.